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How does it work?

Install this simple plugin and your visitors will buy a bundle of related Amazon products instead of just one. Grab the plugin, create a bundle and see a massive increase in your commissions.
Fresh Bundle Master (Unlimited License)
Auto Create

Choose one product and highly related products will be automatically found for you. Using Amazons powerful user data and algorithms, you can create a perfectly relevant bundle of products quickly and easily.

Your Design

Use the built in design customizer to choose your own colors and style to match your theme perfectly. Choose from 5 beautiful built-in layouts to display your bundles exactly like you want them.

Super Easy

Our carefully designed wizard will enable you to create brilliant bundles quickly and easily. Fresh Bundle Master is designed from the ground up to be intuitive for beginners with tons of options for power users.

Proven Profit

Maximize every single click by allowing them to buy several highly related products instead of just one. Why make commission on one Amazon sale when you can make 5, 6, 7, 8 or more with Fresh Bundle Master?

  • Home "We have used our years of experience with Amazon and software development to bring you Fresh Bundle Master, allowing you to maximize your online profits with ease." Carey Baird, Founder

How does it work?

Create Your Bundles

Use the bundle wizard to search for products, automatically get relevant suggestions and make unlimited custom bundles.

Monetize Your Website

Choose the design layout and add your bundles anywhere you like on your pages and posts. Bundle Master will automatically keep your prices, images and info up to date.

Watch Your Profit Increase

Your visitors are now shown highly relevant bundles with high converting design and will order more products with a single click.

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Fresh Bundle Master (Unlimited License)