Examples - PC Protection Bundle (Photo Tiles Layout)

PC Protection Bundle (Photo Tiles Layout)

for those who like to keep on top of their tech…

This bundle shows a complete kit of PC Protection and tuning tools using Bundle Master’s ‘Spinner’ layout. This bundle would sit nicely on any software or tech blog.

The bundle is curated by the author and therefore 100% relevant to the content it sits along side. Virtually any item on Amazon can be added to a Bundle.

Any product variations ie size/color the user has the chance to change just before they are transferred to Amazon.

  • Custom selection of ‘Featured’ item
  • Localization of all text
  • Ideal for 6, 9 or 12 item bundles but works for any bundle amount
  • Fully responsive down to 240px
  • Impressive aggregate discounts
  • Customizable Call to Action text
  • Full color customization

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